Midlands S.C. FAME Program

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Get paid, on-the-job training while you learn. Enter the workforce with more experience, less debt, and a competitive advantage.

Students who are interested in MTC’s Mechatronics associate degree program are encouraged to apply for the Midlands S.C. FAME Program.

What is FAME?

FAME (Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) is a nationally recognized co-op program where you learn lean manufacturing principles, industrial electricity and electronics, programmable logic controllers (PLC), hydraulics and pneumatics, in addition to essential soft skills. The program provides you a pathway to earn an industry recognized associate degree in Mechatronics Technology while gaining valuable experience at a local manufacturer.

Midlands S.C. FAME is a chapter of the national FAME USA program. See the Midlands S.C. 2020 Cohort Sponsors or learn more about the national FAME program.

What does the program offer?

In just five semesters, you can earn an associate degree, multiple certifications, and log approximately 1,800 paid on-the-job training hours at a sponsoring company. If selected, you will participate in the program’s 40-hour-per-week work-study program where you attend college two days a week and work three days a week (at least 24 hours) at the sponsoring company. You will have mentors and trainers to help guide you through the program.

Once you successfully complete the program, you will enter the workforce with more experience, less debt, and a significant advantage over other graduates. This highly engaging program develops multi-skilled technicians who have the technical knowledge and abilities to perform well, communicate effectively, think critically, and work in teams.

Students in the program are responsible for the cost of their tuition, however financial aid is available.

Who is eligible?

Midlands S.C. FAME is a very competitive program with limited slots. It is open to students who have been admitted to MTC’s Mechatronics associate degree program.

How do I apply?
  1. Apply to Midlands Technical College using this link.
  2. Be sure to submit all transcripts and complete placement testing as directed on the application.
  3. Fill out your FAFSA. MTC's school code is 003993.
  4. Fill out the Midlands S.C. FAME application.

Have questions? Please contact MTC Admissions at admissions@midlandstech.edu or 803.822.6714 to learn more.