Preparing for surgery

Surgical Technology

Philosophy and Goals

The goal of the Surgical Technology Program is to give the community knowledgeable, competent, and ethical professionals who can provide quality assistance to surgeons, coworkers, and patients. MTC's Surgical Technology Program will accomplish this with an educational approach of professional development.

While the education of the Surgical Technology Student is the program's primary mission, this endeavor alone does not fulfill our commitment to the community. The program deems the student as a partner in the educational experience. Adequate flexibility for individual expression and achievement give the student the opportunity to obtain personal and professional goals.

Changes in healthcare and advances in technology become a critical factor for Surgical Technologist. The program must continue to provide competency never sacrificing quality to provide quantity. As scientific progress is perpetual in the field of surgery, recognizing the importance of and participating in continuing education is crucial for the Surgical Technologist. Life long learning is essential to maintain competent patient care.

Training as a Surgical Technology Professional demands the utmost integrity and ethics. Students receive access to very confidential and sensitive information. The program functions on the honor system. All areas of training will measure the students fundamental approach to truth, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct.