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Tips for Success in Math

Remember that college math covers material at about twice the pace that a high school math course does.

  • If it has been a few years since you have studied math, review it now. Get a textbook and brush up on some of those basic skills.
  • Attend class everyday and take complete notes.
  • Form a study group and meet regularly.
  • Ask questions in class. If you missed something, ask about it- you are probably not the only student with this question.
  • Get enough sleep before a test. A careless mistake can cost you the whole problem.
  • Seek tutoring through the Academic Success Center. Donít just ask questions but have the tutor critique your attempts to work out math problems.
  • Math is learned by doing problems- do the homework.
  • As you do homework, make lists of formulas and techniques to use later when you study for tests.

Taking a Math Test

  • Look over the entire test- identify the problems you know and do those right away
  • Outline the steps to a problem before beginning work on a problem
  • If you get stuck on a problem, move on
  • Show all of your work- even if your answer is incorrect, you may get partial credit
  • Donít waste time erasing, just draw a line through the work you want ignored
  • If you finish early, recheck your problems

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