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Note taking Strategies

Taking notes in class is very important. Here are a few hints:

  • Stay organized and be prepared- keep all of your notes in a notebook or binder and date and number the pages so it easy to refer back to them
  • Attend class
  • Sit up front and listen carefully
  • Use the main section of the notebook page to write down the main ideas (underline key statements and concepts)
  • Leave space on the sides of your notes for questions, explanations or key words (these can be used when you are studying for the exam)
  • Leave space at the bottom of the page to write a summary of the notes on the page
  • Coordinate your notes with the text
  • Ask questions if you are confused- get clarification
  • Re-review your notes after class and highlight the most important information- you will only retain about 20% of the information given in class unless you review your notes again

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