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Student Perspectives

Want to know what your fellow classmates have a say about MTC?

Shalon Jenkins
Computer Technology

I would like to inform students that this is a technical college firmly based on a higher education and career orientation. The programs offered are created and designed such that we will succeed in today's business. I chose Computer Technology here at Midlands Technical College because I found a high success rate of students graduating and entering into the business sector with great offers, even compared to a four year institution. Job offers students receive from employers are remarkable. While doing an internship employers are seeking to recruit MTC students. Midlands Technical College is a great investment.

Pam Swinford

1) MTC is a great place and everyone here cares about student success.
2) Donít be afraid to ask questions to things you may not understand. MTC faculty and staff are always willing to help.

Wendy M. Oldham
Surgical Technology

I am a wife, mother of two children and a full-time student at Midlands Technical College. I am so excited about the idea of starting a new career. It just goes to show you that you can start a new career at any point of your life--whether you are younger or older.

Laura G. Adams
Associate in Science and Nursing Student

First let me congratulate you on making the decision to continue your education! Whether you are pursuing vocational skills or working towards a four-year degree, Midlands Technical College has many resources to help you successfully reach your goal.

I highly recommend that all students take Freshman Seminar. Whether you are returning to school after an absence or coming straight from high school, this course gives you practical insight and techniques for balancing school, work, and family. You will gain an understanding of effective note-taking, test-taking strategies (through supplemental seminars), and time management.

Finally, make sure you meet with your advisor regularly to plan your course of study, become familiar with the resources available in the library, Academic Success Center, Counseling Services, Job Placement, talk with fellow students to gain tips they can offer, and communicate with your instructors for they can provide a wealth of advice and guidance when you need additional assistance. Develop a plan of action at home to share household chores and quality time together for a healthy emotional and spiritual balance that truly will contribute to your success!

Please e-mail us if you have advice that you would like to share with other students.

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