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Short Answer

  • Prepare for short answer tests by using flash cards with definitions of key terms and phrases
  • Respond with simple, concise sentences
  • Make an educated guess if you donít know the answer

Spot Key Words

Many times in a short answer question, you will be asked to analyze, compare or summarize - here are a few brief definitions of some key terms you may come across on your next test:

  • Analyze: Break into different parts, examine, discuss, or interpret.
  • Compare: Identify how two or more things are similar, and how they are different.
  • Contrast: Compare with more emphasis upon finding differences than similarities.
  • Criticize: Identify positive and negative points with scrutiny.
  • Define: As related to the course, explain the meaning. Be specific.
  • Describe: Present the pros and cons- compare and contrast.
  • Evaluate: Using your opinions, and what you have read, state your opinion and give evidence to support your ideas.
  • Interpret: Present in terms that are understandable, using examples and descriptions.
  • Outline: Give an overview, by describing main ideas and events.
  • Prove: Support your ideas with hard facts.
  • Summarize: Condense into a brief overview.

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