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Scheduling Courses

The college offers many courses. The following tips and strategies will be helpful in selecting your courses:

  • Review the MTC Academic Catalog*. All of the academic courses taught at the college are listed here. You can check out the pre-requisites/co-requisites (definition- a prerequisite is a course that is required before you can enroll in the course while a co-requisite is a course that you have to take at the same time) required for each course and even read a short description of each course. Mark the classes that interest you and look over all of the majors we offer here at MTC.
  • Review the Class Schedule*
    The class schedule will give you an idea of what dates and times classes are being offered and on which campus.
  • Get developmental courses (definition- your placement scores at the college will determine what courses you can take. Developmental courses consist of reading, writing and math courses) or general educational courses (definition- these are courses that most majors require such as English and math) out of the way.
  • Find a balance of different subject areas. Just remember that some courses will require a lot of reading while other courses may require a great amount of written work.

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