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Child-Care Referral
According to Midlands Technical College policy, faculty, staff and students shall not bring children to class nor leave children unattended on campus. In addition, children should not be brought to sponsored events unless it is noted as an event designed for the entire family. This policy is designed to support a classroom environment conducive to learning and to avoid unsafe conditions for minors. The college assumes no responsibility for the supervision of faculty members’, staff members’ or students’ children. Midlands Technical College’s child-care referral manual can help students identify a child-care provider to meet their needs. Manuals are available in the Student Life Office on each campus for viewing.

Childcare Referral Information

Student Insurance
As a non-residential college, MTC expects students to secure medical services through a private physician or medical facility as needed. For more Health Insurance Information students can visit the website at

Midlands Technical College (MTC) is a nonresidential institution and does not maintain residential facilities; therefore, students are expected to provide their own off-campus housing. As a service to the student body, the Student Life Office keeps flyers for nearby apartment complexes that like to advertise to MTC students on display in the Student Commons areas (ASC 126 and BSC 201) and invites a variety of apartment complexes to participate in vendor fairs at the beginning of each fall semester. In addition, students can view the “classified ads” section of the online Pony Express Newspaper and on-campus bulletin boards for roommate inquiries or other off-campus housing options. These services and promotions of apartment complexes, roommates, and other off-campus housing options are provided for information only and should not be considered approved or suggested housing by MTC.

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