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 Registration Procedures

Be informed!  Always run a Program Evaluation before and after registering for classes to ensure you are following the curriculum.  VA will only allow payment for those courses required in your current program of study, prerequisite courses and remedial courses (DVS) if required by your placement test scores.  A Program Evaluation is run through your MyMTC account.  Log in to MyMTC, click "Program Evaluation" under the "Academic Profile" tab, select program to be evaluated, click "Submit".

It highly recommended that you have all transcripts evaluated before you schedule classes.  VA will allow us to certify you for one semester pending evaluation of your previous college and military transcripts.  In the event that you take classes that transfer or classes that are not needed once your transcripts are evaluated, you will be required to repay VA for those courses. 

You must complete a Repeating Course Form if you have registered for a class you previously failed.  See VA forms link.

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