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VA Forms


Personal Data Sheet Must be completed by all new students and continuing students who wish to report a change of address.  If updating phone numbers and/or e-mail address only, please email us. See the "Our Staff" link.
Certification of Previous College Form Must be completed if you have attended another college or university (regardless of time frame) and/or if you have served on active duty.  If you served on active duty, you must request your military transcript.  Please see the "Transcript Requests" section.  All transcripts should be evaluated before you schedule classes.  However, VA will allow us to certify you for one semester pending evaluation of your previous college and military transcripts.  In the event that you take classes that transfer or classes that are not needed once your transcripts are evaluated, you will be required to repay VA for those courses.  It is highly recommended that you have all transcripts evaluated before you schedule classes.   Please see "Registration Procedures" for information about Program Evaluations, which are used to guide you when selecting classes to enroll in.
Repeating Course Form

Complete this form if you are repeating a failed class. 
Enrollment Certification Request Form

Must be completed each semester if you wish to receive benefits.  Also, a new form must be completed if you make changes to your schedule (drop/add classes or change class sections).
VA Free Tuition Application for Children  of Certain War Veterans

Your completed application packet may be mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to the VA Regional Office.
Transferability of the
Post 9/11 GI Bill
Transferring the Post 9/11 GI Bill to Dependents