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The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides part-time employment for students to help meet their educational expenses while enrolled. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student's course of study. Students are allowed to work an average of 15 to 20 hours per week. Student work hours are assigned according to the amount of the total FWS award, the student's class schedule and the student's academic progress. FWS positions can be on or off campus.

The FWS program is funded through a federal grant that the College receives annually. Students are awarded FWS based on federal eligibility criteria and are paid from this grant for work performed. Although FWS students cannot replace full-time employees, they can supplement your current work force at no cost to you. You may request a FWS student by contacting the FWS Coordinator at 803-738-7634, rogersc@midlandstech.edu and submitting a job description.

On-Campus FWS Job Description Form

Off-Campus FWS Job Description Form http://ewebapps.midlandstech.edu/parttime/ws_offcampus.aspx

The total FWS award depends on the time of application, the level of need and the availability of funds. Students will be paid by the hour. Hourly rates vary according to the position held. The FWS award is need based and students are awarded based on eligibility. Students are referred to you based on the following criteria:

  1. Program of Study
  2. Availability of jobs
  3. Work experience listed on their application
  4. Availability of work-hours


Ideally, students are placed in jobs that complement or reinforce their educational or career goals. If this is not possible, we refer them to jobs that closely match their skills and attributes. Eligible students are given interview request forms listing the hiring department/agency, the address and supervisor's name and contact number. Your current job description is attached to the interview request form. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule interviews for employment. When your notification of intent to hire is received by FWS Office, the Work-Study Coordinator will forward to you the work-study Referral.

What must I do before allowing my student employee to begin work? Return the white and yellow copies of the FWS Referral along with the Statement of Confidentiality and your student employee's work schedule. These documents along with the student's work schedule must be returned to the FWS office before your student employee can begin work. Incomplete documents will be returned to you which will delay your student's start date. The College now participates in the Everify program, which is a federal mandate. The Everify process must be completed by the FWS office within three business days of your student employee's hire date. You are also required to complete a Performance Evaluation on your student employee at the end of the first semester of employment. Failure to submit all required documents may affect future FWS Referrals to your department/agency. http://www.midlandstech.edu/sfs/FWSEvaluation.pdf

Who makes the student employee aware of work-study policy and procedures as they relate to their employment? When the student has been awarded they are sent an on-line orientation to the FWS program and an employment packet. Students are required to complete the orientation before submitting the application because their electronic signature on the form indicates they have read and agree to adhere to the stated FWS policies and procedures. Before completing the Referral, the FWS Coordinator interviews the student to ensure he understands his responsibilities as a FWS student.

What happens if my student employee works more than his allotted hours or works during a scheduled class time? Students cannot work during scheduled class times. If the student has a cancelled class or is dismissed early, they cannot sign in before the scheduled work time. Please obtain a current term course schedule from your student. Students cannot begin work or leave at times that conflict with course schedules. (If the class begins at 10am, he cannot leave work at 10am. This constitutes a charge of .25 of the student's hourly pay rate for each occurrence.) Students cannot work more than 7.5 hours a day. If your student works 7.5 consecutive hours, a thirty minute break must be taken. At no time should a student be allowed to work more than 7.5 hours. Your department/agency will be charged for hours exceeding the FWS daily maximum.

How will I know if my department/agency is being charged and the amount? You will be sent notification of each charge occurrence by the FWS office each applicable pay period.

Can work-study students be terminated?


  1. The student has been suspended from MTC academically or from the financial aid program.
  2. The student is not making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) per regulations. If the FWS award was canceled because the student does not meet the SAP standards, the award will not be automatically reinstated upon change in status.
  3. Falsifying time sheets. (Random audits of time reported and actual class time are performed periodically by the FWS staff.)
  4. Theft, destruction, damage or misuse of department/MTC property.
  5. Disclosure of confidential information to unapproved party

Students terminated from the FWS Program will not be rehired in the same academic year.


  1. Job abandonment (three consecutive days where the employee has not called or reported to work.) Also, failure to report to work at assigned times or properly notify supervisor may result in termination.
  2. *Violation of job site rules and regulations.
  3. Poor job performance
    • Supervisor must document instances using a date timeline where student was verbally apprised of problem and steps recommended to rectify problem. A copy of the written warning given to your student worker must be sent to the FWS office. If you terminate your student worker, the on-line time sheet must be signed and a performance evaluation must be completed and sent to the FWS Coordinator.
  4. Students are not allowed to work on school assignments while on the job
  5. Work-site equipment cannot be used by student employees for personal gain
  6. The students' enrolled hours fall below six credit hours for fall/spring enrollment (this will occur when students withdraw from classes).
  7. Complete withdrawal from College.

*If violation proves to be a potential liability to the FWS Program or the College, the student will be terminated by a member of the FWS staff or SFS Management.


  1. Students losing a FWS position due to job performance will not receive job placement for the remainder of the year. The FWS award is cancelled and funds will be reallocated.
  2. Students displaced from a FWS position because the job is no longer available can be rehired during the same semester/year if there is an open position he/she qualifies for. If no job is available, student will be placed on FWS wait list.

What happens if my student worker withdraws completely from school but continues to work? At the beginning of the student's employment, the FWS supervisors are asked to obtain a copy of the student's course schedule and to submit a work schedule. Please verify with the student and by using Datatel when possible to stay abreast of the student's enrollment status.

At the time of a student's total withdrawal from the College, they no longer meet the general eligibility requirement of being a regularly enrolled student (COFR 668.32, FSA HB, Volume 1). While work-study rules do allow students to earn funds during periods of non-attendance for subsequent periods of enrollment, written intent to attend must be provided by the student. In instances of total withdrawal from the College, documentation of the student's intent to attend during the next period of enrollment is attached to the student's FWS file. This documentation will include the student's statement of intent and /or the class schedule and a statement from the FWS coordinator citing the FWS regulation.

If the student completely withdraws and continues to work, your department/agency will be billed 100% and the funds will not be returned to your budget.

Who approves my student employee's reported work time? Work time can be approved by either the FWS supervisor or the alternate FWS Supervisor identified on this form. (Supervisor/alternate supervisor sheet included.)

Who pays my student employee's wages? Students are paid from the College Work-Study (CWS) budget for all valid work hours. Work hours must be electronically approved by either the FWS supervisor or the alternate supervisor. Federal regulations require that students be paid at least once every thirty days for work performed therefore late timesheets will be paid from the department's budget or billed to the off-campus agency. After review of the reported time has been completed, all non- FWS funds will be returned, (Directions to logging into WTE-web time entry- included.) Payroll will no longer be asked to pull your student's time entry in due to late submission. They will pay the student from your department's account and when all documents have been received and verified by this office, all funds paid for valid FWS hours will be returned to you. Students can access the timesheet through their MyMTC account.

Who is required to pay for unauthorized work hours? Students must be paid for all hours worked. Students must submit their time sheet electronically by 5pm on the last work day of the month. Supervisors/alternate supervisors have two business days after this to address any discrepancies. Changes will not be made after the timesheet has been pulled in by the Payroll Department. When the FWS staff has access to the timesheets, a line by line check is done for each hour worked using the course schedule as a guide to ensure the student is not working during a scheduled class time. If discrepancies are found, the department/agency is charged.

How long can my student employee work? The end date on the Referral reflects the last day your student employee can work for the semester. Work-study students cannot work beyond this date unless approved by the FWS Office. FWS awards are calculated based on the actual number of work weeks from the first day of employment to the last day of class. If your student does not work all approved hours in a pay period, the award is adjusted to reflect remaining work hours. Funds not earned are returned to the FWS budget. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR STUDENT EMPLOYEE TO WORK BEYOND THE LAST DAY OF THE TERM REFERRAL.

Is there a dress Code for FWS students? The FWS Program adheres to the same dress code required by the College. However, your department/agency can detail that requirement as needed for your work-site.


Although the FWS program does not encourage dual employment for its participants, we cannot prohibit them from doing so. The FWS program does not pay for system calculated overtime and the hours cannot overlap.


Students injured while performing listed job duties can report this injury to the College's Benefits Coordinator who in turn will report the injury to Compendium Insurance Company. The injury must be documented by the FWS supervisor or alternate supervisor.


The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, prohibits employers (including schools) from accepting volunteer services from any paid employee. Any student employed under FWS must be paid for all hours worked.

This manual is not all-inclusive but is intended to give you an overview of the FWS Program at Midlands Technical College. Please contact the FWS Office for clarification on any policy/procedure if needed.

803-738-7634 - Office
803-790-7517 - Fax