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Midlands Technical College
Federal Work Study Statement of Confidentiality
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As a Federal Work-Study employee of Midlands Technical College, I understand that I have the responsibility and duty to protect the privacy of students, including former students.  I recognize that at any time I may be made aware of private information pertaining to a student.  I understand that any and all information that I obtain, see, observe, hear or become aware of by any means is considered confidential.  I further understand that the unauthorized release of such information, whether to parties internal or external to the College, is strictly prohibited and may lead to dismissal from my position on the first offense.

As a Midlands Technical College Federal Work-Study employee, I also understand that there are legal prohibitions to the dissemination of student information to others, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (sometimes referred to as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment.)

If I am in doubt about a request for information, I understand that it is my responsibility to discuss the request with my supervisor prior to a decision to release the information.

My signature denotes that I have read and understood this Statement of Confidentiality and that I agree to consider all information that I become aware of as a Midlands Technical College Federal Work-Study employee as strictly confidential, the unauthorized release of which may lead to dismissal on the first offense.

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