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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Monitoring Procedures

  The Student Financial Services Office will monitor satisfactory academic progress for all students receiving federal or state financial aid to ensure that they are making progress toward program completion. Associate degree, diploma and certificate programs will be reviewed for satisfactory academic progress at the end of each term enrolled. The standards defining satisfactory academic progress for Midlands Technical College students are outlined below.  
  Fresh Start:
The federal government requires the Student Financial Services Office to track students' academic progress from the first date of enrollment, whether or not financial aid was received.
Students approved for the Fresh Start Program should be aware that financial aid requirements regarding prior attendance and cumulative eligibility must be considered from the first date of enrollment. Federal and state regulations prohibit the awarding of financial assistance beyond 150 percent of the published program length.
  Course Withdrawals, Incomplete Courses, Repetitions, Remedial or Noncredit Remedial:
Students who receive federal or state financial aid must be aware that repeated courses; noncredit remedial courses and grades of W, WF, I and CF will be considered in assessing their progress toward completion. Students who do not satisfactorily complete at least 70 percent of attempted hours will no longer be eligible for federal or state assistance.
  Developmental Studies and Remedial Coursework Standards of Progress:
Financial Aid recipients may take a maximum of 30 credit hours in Developmental Studies (DVS) and remedial course work.
  Transfer Students:
All transfer students, except those on suspension from a previous institution, will be considered to be making satisfactory progress based on the number of credit hours accepted toward their program of study. Each academic record will otherwise be reviewed at the end of the required period of enrollment (i.e., at the end of each enrolled term).
  Change of Major(s):
A student who changes majors is still responsible for maintaining satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the procedure as outlined. A review of satisfactory academic progress will be based on the student's current program of study. A student changing from an associate program into a diploma or certificate program of study may lose federal and state eligibility immediately upon making the change.