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Declaration of Ineligibility Procedures

Following a review, if a student is deemed not to be making satisfactory academic progress, he/she will be notified via the student's MTC provided email account of the resulting ineligibility for federal or state funds.  Awards may be canceled upon becoming ineligible. To receive federal or state assistance, the student will need to submit an appeal to the Student Financial Services Office.

Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form


Re-Establishing Eligibility for Financial Aid

A student will be reinstated for financial aid eligibility at such time as he or she successfully completes sufficient hours (70% of attempted hours) and has a sufficient grade point average (2.0) to meet the minimum requirements for eligibility as set forth in this policy. If a student is suspended from school or financial aid eligibility, the student must appeal in order to re-establish eligibility for federal student aid. It is the student's responsibility to present evidence to the Student Financial Services Office at the time he or she has met minimum requirements for reinstatement or is appealing.