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Satisfactory Academic Program (SAP) Appeal of Financial Aid Ineligibility

A.  An ineligible student may appeal by indicating in writing to the Financial Aid Appeal Committee (a) reasons why he or she did not achieve minimum academic standards, and (b) reasons why his or her aid eligibility should not be terminated, but reinstated. Each appeal will be considered on its merit. Individual cases will not be considered as precedent. Some financial aid probations are considered if the following circumstances have occurred:

  • Death in the student's immediate family that has been documented.
  • Personal illness requiring a loss of the equivalent of more than five consecutive class days that ca be supported by a letter from a physician.
  • Serious illness in the student's immediate family that can be supported by at least one letter of documentation from a family members' physician.
  • Divorce or separation in the student's immediate family that can be documented for the time frame in question.
  • Change in job schedule/responsibilities required by the employer and documented by the employer.
  • A maximum of one appeal based on poor judgment or immaturity per student.

B.  The Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Committee will review the appeal, and determine whether the student will be granted financial aid and placed on financial aid probation.  The student will be advised in writing of the committee's decision via their MTC provided email account.

C.  Any student who is placed on Financial Aid probation through an approved appeal is required to meet all requirements as detailed in the student's academic improvement plan in order to have continued eligibility for federal and state financial aid.  Academic Plans require a student to meet certain criteria.  Withdrawing or failing a class is considered not meeting any criteria on an Academic Plan.  Should a student fail to meet the terms of the academic plan, he or she may submit an appeal request to the Student Financial Services Office if they have documentation of extenuating circumstances that caused them to fail or withdraw from a course.

Students may only appeal a maximum of three times during their academic career at Midlands Technical College

E.  Committee decisions on appeals are final and cannot be appealed at any other college or federal level.