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Soft Skills Quiz
Think you have the skills for the job?
Test your knowledge of soft skills.

Select the letter that best answers each question:

  1. Time Management: When going to a job interview, you should arrive…

  2. A. No later than 30 minutes past the appointed time
    B. At least 30 minutes early
    C. Ten minutes before the appointment time and not more than fifteen minutes
    D. Being late doesn't matter if you have a good reason.

  3. Dress appropriately for the job interview: Which is the best choice?

  4. A. A conservative suit is always a good idea.
    B. Showing a little bit of skin may get you the job.
    C. The more glitz, the more you will make an impression.
    D. Casual

  5. Cell Phone Usage: How do you handle your cell phone in an interview?

  6. A. Cell phone with mobile device in ear
    B. Cell phone left on low volume
    C. Cell phone left at home
    D. Cell phone turned on

  7. Being flexible: Your interviewer has changed the time of your interview appointment three times…

  8. A. You should refuse to change it. After all your time is important too.
    B. You hang up on the interviewer wanting to change appointments.
    C. You should work with the interviewer's time constraints.
    D. You should complain to his / her supervisor.

  9. Willingness to Learn: How open are you to new knowledge?

  10. A. You should take advantage of any opportunity to learn.
    B. You already know everything.
    C. Be willing to help your employer learn from you since you know everything.
    D. There is nothing to learn that hasn't already been learned.

  11. Communication: It's not just about texting…

  12. A. They can read about what I'm doing on my Facebook page.
    B. Communication is overrated.
    C. If they just listen, I will tell them what they need to know.
    D. Communication within an office is critical.

  13. Teamwork: Not just for game day…

  14. A. Teamwork is only for sports.
    B. Working in a team allows others to take credit for my work.
    C. Teamwork enables a company to benefit from combined skills.
    D. Only if I get credit for being the quarterback.

  15. Critical Thinking: Is this something you need to think about?

  16. A. Relies on reason rather than emotion
    B. Using emotional impulses are more spontaneous.
    C. Old ideas have worked well so far.
    D. After all, my perspective is the only sensible one.

  17. Flexible: How rigid are you?

  18. A. I am perfect so there is no point in changing.
    B. Nobody likes someone who is always changing their mind.
    C. If you don't have the ability to change when needed, you will be left behind.
    D. Let the other person change.

  19. Not my job: (Attitude that you will only do work that is your job)

  20. A. That task isn't covered under my job description.
    B. I am available to help out with any task.
    C. Why should I do something to help someone else?
    D. I have my own work to do.

    Answers:  Let’s see how your answers measure up.

  1. C. This indicates what time you will arrive at work.
  2. A. Indicates poor work habits.
    B. Arriving too early is inappropriate. It may interfere with the interviewer's schedule.
    D. Explanations don't change the fact that you were late.

  3. A. This is the standard for an interview.

  4. B. This may just embarrass the interviewer.
    C. Save it for the evening.
    D. Not quite professional enough for an interview.

  5. C. Nothing should interrupt the interview.

  6. A. This indicates your time is more important than the interviewer's time.
    B. The way to guarantee you will not get the interview.
    D. This says the interview is not important.

  7. C. You have no way of knowing the reason behind the changes. Besides, it may be a test to see how flexible you are.

  8. A. No one wants to hire an employee who is uncooperative.
    B. This will eliminate the need to go for an interview.
    D. Do you want the job?

  9. A. The more you can learn in the company, the further you will go.

  10. B. No one knows everything.
    C. Your inflated ego is showing.
    D. Check your attitude at the door.

  11. D. Communication within an office is essential.

  12. A. Social networking is not the appropriate way to communicate in a business environment.
    B. Good communication is one of the most requested skills desired by employers.
    C. Lack of communication can lead to lots of problems.

  13. C. This is a skill that is very desired by employers.

  14. A. Teamwork skills can really enhance a working environment.
    B. Teamwork will allow all to benefit from group skills.
    D. Only thinking about yourself limits your progress in a company.

  15. A. Reasoning will give you a more valid answer.
    B. Sometimes our emotional impulses will give us the wrong answer.
    C. It is important to be open to new ideas, as well as, value the old ideas.
    D. Problems arise when not using critical thinking.

  16. C. The business world is constantly changing so you need to be prepared to change also.

  17. A. No one is perfect, so people need to be flexible enough to change.
    B. Flexibility does not mean always changing your mind.
    D. In a rapidly altering society, it is imperative that you keep up or you will be left behind.

  18. B. The ability to work with others to get the job done is a much appreciated skill. After all, you all work for the same company.

  19. A. No job description can cover all the requirements of a job.
    C. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will gain from helping someone else.
    D. If you only focus on your job, you will miss opportunities to help and to grow within the company.

    Check your score and see how many you got correct.

    10 - 8 Correct:  Great skills!  You should be very popular with bosses and coworkers.
    7 - 5 Correct:  You may want to reread the answers and see where you need help.   
    Less than 5 Correct:  Whoops! This isn’t your strong point. Time to practice!  

    Need Help?  Check out:  www.midlandstech.edu/ses

Cathy Hagen, Career Specialist
Student Employment Services