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"...equipping students with job search tools for a lifetime."

Connecting employers with students and alumni is essential. Student Employment Services provides a variety of special events and venues to make that happen. The forums include: career days, college transfer days, military days, on campus recruiting, and more.
Career Day is an annual, on-campus recruiting event attended by students and alumni representing a broad spectrum of majors. For employers, this is the opportunity to glean great candidates for the workforce, to showcase their businesses, and to give students a real world perspective. This is also a great venue for students to network with employers, assess their skills, learn of career opportunities, and gain confidence in their job search.
College Transfer Day is a great forum for students to interact with college and university admissions recruiters from across the state. Students can talk first hand with college personnel regarding transfer opportunities, admissions requirements, “bridge programs”, scholarship opportunities, and much more.

Military Day is a special event set aside to honor our military and showcase their careers. Recruiters from all branches of the military are invited to campus to network with students and alumni. MTC has a large enrollment of veterans on campus and many of the faculty and staff served in the military. This is a time to network with recruiters, explore career choices, and learn about training opportunities, benefits, and scholarships. Students have the opportunity to meet face to face with these seasoned professionals and get answers.