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An Employer's Guide to Internships

Good help is hard to find. One way to gain great new employees on a temporary basis or to groom them for permanent employment is to have highly motivated students intern with your company.

What is an Internship?
An internship is a cost-effective approach to supplementing an employer’s existing workforce while providing a student with valuable “hands-on” work experience related to their field of study. Students can apply classroom knowledge, bring their talents to the business, and earn money as well. The employer has the opportunity to develop and evaluate a potential employee. It is a win-win situation for both.

How long is a typical Internship?
In order for a student to gain valuable on-the-job experience, internships typically are 10 weeks at minimum with many lasting much longer – a summer, a year, or multiple semesters. The hours can be from 15 to 40 per week depending on the specific internship. The employer and the student work together to determine a mutually beneficial schedule that allows for flexibility with classes and exams.

What types of Internships are there?
Internships come in all shapes and sizes. Some employers target specific majors, specific skills, and /or specific populations. Some companies have recurring internships while others have a one-time only experience. Some internships are very structured and others are very flexible. Typically, they all have an application deadline and are highly competitive. The internship usually reflects the culture of the company or organization.

Basics for any successful internship program:

  • Develop a well defined job description.
  • Provide the intern with meaningful, paid employment.
  • Determine and abide by working hours and salary.
  • Establish learning objectives for the internship.
  • Provide proper training and supervision of work performance.
  • Evaluate the student often and give feedback.
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate!
How can I hire a Student Intern?
Employers may list paid internships with the Student Employment Services by simply going to the job listing form and completing the required information. Please read the Guidelines and Policies for Job Postings. Certain restrictions apply.

Should you have any questions regarding your internship program, please contact us.

Contact us: Student Employment Services

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Student Employment Services (SES) at Midlands Technical College (MTC) and all employers they represent are expected to abide by the "Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services & Employment Professionals" published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Revised April 2013