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Landing a good job often requires more than a solid academic record or degree. Work experience can positively influence an employer's hiring decision, especially when it is in the student’s field of study.  An excellent way to achieve this goal is through the cooperative education program at Midlands Technical College

Gaining valuable experience: Cooperative Education is an integration of academic study and paid, career-related work experience for those students pursuing a college degree.  It allows the student an opportunity to explore career options in his/her field of study, gain valuable work experience, earn money and college credit at the same time.

Getting started: Approved co-op opportunities are made available by local businesses and industries.  Students who meet the eligibility requirements must apply and compete for these positions. Upon selection, the student will be required to complete learning objectives designed by the employer and approved by the co-op academic advisor.  The student will be evaluated by the employer on the progress made and the co-op academic advisor will award the grade based on the level of success.

Approved technologies: The majors listed below are sponsored for the cooperative education experience:

Administrative Office Technology
Architectural Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Computer Technology

Electronic Engineering Technology
Machine Tool Technology
Network Systems Management

Qualifications: All students must be approved for the cooperative education program by his/her academic department and have completed 12 semester hours of curriculum credit at Midlands Technical College. Each program carries specific course requirements. In addition, the student must meet a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, submit a resume, sign a cooperative education agreement, and complete an orientation workshop prior to beginning the work experience.

 Student Employment Services (SES) at Midlands Technical College (MTC) and all employers they represent are expected to abide by the "Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services & Employment Professionals" published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

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Revised April 2013