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Barriers: Overcoming Less Than Desirable Backgrounds

Finding employment in a highly competitive job market is not an easy task. It takes initiative, patience, perseverance and plenty of preparation. Researching careers, businesses and industries, salaries, the job outlook, and employer needs are just a few of the essentials. Matching your skills to the job desired is your target.

However, there are many obstacles for some job seekers that can further complicate the job search. With that in mind, this website is designed to aid those individuals with less than desirable backgrounds. Whether it is an ex-offender, someone with bad credit, a perceived job hopper, or the individual that has been fired, these resources should be of assistance. This site is designed to enlighten the readers to “barrier” resources that are available, and to encourage them in the job search process. Finding a job with a “checkered” past is not easy, but there is hope.