College Policies


Students are expected to read the student handbook and abide by its  policies. Copies of the

handbook may be obtained at various locations on campus and is located on the web:

Academic Dishonesty: The Student Code addresses what constitutes academic dishonesty. All forms of dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating on tests, plagiarism, collusion and falsification, will call for discipline.

                CHEATING ON TESTS includes:

         Copying from another student’s paper.

         Using materials during a test not authorized by the person giving the test.

         Collaborating with any other person during a test without permission.

         Knowingly obtaining, using, buying, selling, transporting, or soliciting in whole or part the contents of any un-administered test.

         Bribing any other person to obtain information about tests.

         Substituting for another student, or permitting another student to substitute for oneself.

                PLAGIARISM is the appropriation of any other person’s work and   unacknowledged incorporation of that work in one’s own work offered for credit.

 Campus Emergency Protocol: Students and employees are asked to report safety concerns or suspicious activities to Campus Security at 7199 (on campus) or 738-7199 (cell phone or off campus). In the event of an emergency, employees and/or students should immediately call Campus Security or local 911.  If an emergency occurs, the college will use a variety of methods to communicate additional information and instructions including the MTC Information Centers, campus loud speakers, MTC Alerts! (,voice mail, email, college Intranet, and the MTC website homepage.

 Inclement Weather Policy: In the event weather conditions or other emergencies cause the closing or a delayed start of Midlands Technical College, announcements will be made over local radio and TV stations, on the MTC Web site, and on the college’s information line (803-738-8324).  Notices will be sent to students via Campus Cruiser Mail when applicable.  Separate announcements may be made for day and evening classes as weather conditions change during the day.

 If the college closing or reopening means that there is at least 30 minutes of a class remaining, plan to attend that class. For example, if the college opens at 10:00 a.m. in TTH, classes that normally meet at 8:00 a.m. will not meet, but classes beginning at 9:30 a.m.will meet. If the college closes at 8:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. classes will meet for their regular time, but 7:35 p.m. classes will not meet since there are fewer than 30 minutes remaining in class.

 Student E-Mail Accounts: All MTC students are assigned a college e-mail account upon admission to the college.  This account is called “Campus Cruiser Mail.”  Campus Cruiser Mail is the primary mode by which the college communicates with students.  Students are responsible for checking their college e-mail on a regular basis for important information and announcements about registration, financial aid, cancelled classes, emergency announcements and other notices.  Students can use their college e-mail accounts to communicate with faculty, staff, fellow students, and others, in support of their educational pursuits.  In addition to e-mail, students will also have access to maintaining personal calendars and “tasks lists” through their Campus Cruiser e-mail account.

 Student Evaluation of Instruction: Students have the opportunity to evaluate this course. The confidential evaluation process is conducted through MTC Online using the individual student’s username and password. Announcements will be made during the term concerning how and when to complete the online evaluation. Students are encouraged to participate in this process.

 Students Requiring Special Accommodations: If special accommodations are needed for a student with a disability, the student should go to Counseling Services on Beltline or Airport Campus for assistance. Documentation regarding a specific disability is required in order for special arrangements to be made. Confidentiality of information received will be maintained.