Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences!  The faculty and staff hope students will find our courses interesting and rewarding both personally and professionally.


The Social and Behavioral Sciences Department's Mission Statement:

To provide a wide range of inter-disciplinary social science and behavioral courses in Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology that are designed to transfer to senior institutions, fulfill general education core and additional course requirements for various Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates and to support the personal growth and interests of students.


Department's Goals:

*   Facilitate learning centered approaches in promoting student success.

*   Evaluate academic factors related to student performance in Social and Behavioral

    Sciences courses.

*   Explore creative ways to deliver instruction to diverse populations.

*   Expand course offerings and articulation agreements with senior institutions.

*   Develop tutorial services for Social and Behavioral Sciences students to include

     increasing collaboration with the Academic Success Centers.


Department's Outcomes:

*   To support the General Education Core of the college by delivering courses that meet

     the individual or social behavior competency.

*   To support the General Education Core of the college by delivering courses that meet

     the scientific reasoning competency.

*   To support other programs across the college by delivering courses which meet

     specific curriculum requirements.

*   To deliver courses which enhance the personal growth and interests of students.


Ten courses meet the college's General Education Core Competency of "Individual or Social Behavior."  These courses are Cultural Anthropology (ANT 202), Macroeconomics (ECO 210), World Geography (GEO 102), American Government (PSC 201), Politics and Government (PSC 205), Introduction to International Relations (PSC 220), General Psychology (PSY 201), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), Social Problems (SOC 205), and Sociology of the Family (SOC 220).  In addition three courses (ECO 210, PSY 201, SOC 101) meet the college's General Education Core Competency of "Scientific Reasoning."  Many programs require more than one Social and Behavioral Sciences courses to fulfill degree requirements.


If you are interested in teaching as an adjunct instructor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, please download the State application and mail to: Midlands Technical College, P.O. Box 2408, Columbia, SC  29202 ATTN: Shickre Sabbagha, Interim Department Head, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department along with a copy of your transcript.


A Master's Degree with at least 18 graduate semester hours in the subject area is required to teach.


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