This certificate is Phase I of a two-phase Respiratory Care program. The certificate includes all the general education and related courses (English, math, anatomy and physiology, integrated science, etc.) required in the degree curriculum. Although not required, the student can take all Phase I courses prior to taking the professional courses in Phase II. When coursework is completed according to the Health Science timeframes and repeat policy, the student can qualify for a Pre-Respiratory Care Certificate. The student determines the length of time they want to spend in this phase before seeking entry into Phase II.


Students must attain a grade of "C"; in all respiratory care, mathematics and science courses to successfully complete the certificate. Students may not repeat curriculum, mathematics and/or science courses more than once. Students are permitted to repeat no more than two different courses.
In addition to the college's placement test and the admission requirements for the Health Sciences department, specific eligibility and admissions criteria to the Pre-Respiratory Care certificate include:

Pre-application considerations:

• High school diploma or equivalent
• High school or college credits in mathematics/science (algebra, chemistry, physics or biology) recommended

Acceptable eligibility and admissions criteria (one or more of the following):

• HOBET V (May 2012): 60 total percent (reading 70 percent, mathematics 68 percent, science 47 percent) and MTC writing sample score of 30; or

• HOBET (May 2009-May 2012): 50 composite percent (minimum reading 50 percent; mathematics 50 percent; algebra 50 percent) and MTC writing sample score of 30; or

• SAT 910 (minimum critical reading 430, mathematics 480) and MTC writing sample score of 30; or

• ACT 19 composite (minimum verbal 18, mathematics 23), and MTC writing sample score of 30; or • Successful completion of the Pre-Health Care certificate with a 2.5 GPA and “C” or higher in each course; or

• Associate degree or higher.

NOTE: Admission to the first phase of the program at Midlands Technical College does not guarantee admission to the second phase.


                                                                                              Credit Hours
BIO 112 Basic Anatomy and Physiology    4.0
CPT 170 Microcomputer Applications    3.0
ENG 101 English Composition I    3.0
ENG 102 English Composition II    3.0
MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra    3.0
PHS 115 Integrated Sciences    4.0
PSY 201 General Psychology    3.0
  Approved Humanities Course    3.0
  Total Credit Hours:  26.0

                                                                                              Credit Hours
AHS 102 Medical Terminology    3.0
AHS 145 Electrocardiography    2.0
BIO 115 Microbiology    3.0
BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology I    4.0
BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II    4.0
CHM 105 General Organic and Biochemistry    4.0