Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

The program strives to assist the student to develop professional skills and traits that will enable them to perform as respected health care professionals. The first objective of the program is to train Advance Practice Respiratory Therapists so that they can fulfill the role of being knowledgeable, professional health care providers in a rapidly changing medical field. Another primary objective of this program is to satisfy the state and community needs for respiratory care practitioners and build and maintain a progressive respiratory care profession for citizens of the community.


In support of the Respiratory Care Program’s Mission, the following goals have been established.

  1. Embrace an innovative learning environment that enhances teaching, learning and individual development.
  2. Prepare a workforce that meets the demands of the community.
  3. Collaborate with educational and community partners to create a responsive curriculum for a diverse population.
  4. Partner with community constituencies to enhance clinical education opportunities for students.
  5. Validate the program through a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process.
  6. Engage in efficient, effective and innovative resource development and management.
  7. Recruit, retain and develop exceptional faculty and staff.

Upon successful completion of the MTC’s Respiratory Care Program, students will be able to:

  1. provide preventive and therapeutic respiratory care
  2. demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication skills
  3. internalize and demonstrate caring, empathetic and professional characteristics
  4. integrate current education experience with life long learning
  5. promote community health awareness