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  • How to Read a Registration Statement

    See the descriptions and image below to find out how to properly read and understand a Registration Statement received after registering for your classes.

    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Official name as listed in system – misspelled names can be corrected in Student Records. Official name changes need documentation such as Court Order, Marriage License, Birth Certificate (Name Change forms available in Student Records)
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Student ID – please use this number instead of Social Security Number
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Current Advisor
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Begin and end dates of Reporting Term
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Basis of tuition calculation – Legal residence changes may be requested through the Admissions Office
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Current active program. Note: you may be active in more than one program but only one can be listed here.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Anticipated completion date (based on 1 ½ times the length of current program – 2 year program would allow 3 years to complete. This date can be changed in Student Records.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Current mailing address. If you change your mailing address, please go to MyMTC and update your address (Address changes do not affect legal residency)
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Balance prior to term date listed here
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Current Charges – any charges for registered courses –may include current term and future terms if you are currently registered for them.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Total charges for all courses you are currently registered for plus Balance Forward.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Types of payments active in your account. Amounts are subject to change based on total number of registered hours for each term.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Total of unpaid charges. Please note if a minus (-) appears after the figure here, this is a credit to your account.
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Listing of course(s) registered for term (#4)
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Start date of this course (may be different from Reporting Term date)
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes End date of this course (may be different from Reporting Term date)
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Course status
    1. New = Registered for course during pre registration or late registration
    2. Add = Registered for course during schedule change period
    3. Delet = Dropped by end of schedule change period, course will not appear on student record
    4. Withd = Withdrew after the end of schedule change – will receive a grade
    5. Cance = Course Cancelled by college – course will not appear on Student record
    1.jpg - 1979 Bytes Explanation of Charges included in #10 above – may cover multiple terms

    Image of Registration Statement received after registering for classes

    Note: Page 2 of the Registration Statement contains important information pertaining to payment due dates, online payment web site address, financial aid bookstore instructions and mandatory orientation information for VCR and Internet courses.