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  • Auditing a Class

    Students interested in taking a credit course for non-credit purposes may audit a course. Students desiring to audit a course may do so on a space available basis beginning two days after Late Registration day through the end of schedule change. Students must declare they are auditing a course by this time.

    • Audit students must meet all admissions and prerequisite requirements for the course.
    • Audit students will not receive a grade or credit for the course.
    • Course tuition and applicable fees apply.

    Some courses require departmental approval prior to registering for a course to be audited. Check the list below and contact the appropriate department if the course is listed.

    • Automotive: All classes beginning with the prefix AUT - (803)738-7751
    • Building Construction, Commercial Graphics, HVAC: All classes beginning with the prefixes ACR, BCT, CGC - (803)822-3361
    • English: Eng 100, 101, 102 or 165 - (803)738-7754
    • Health Sciences: All classes beginning with the prefixes AHS, DAT, DHG, HIM, MED, MLT, NMT, PHM, PTH, RAD, RDT, RES, SUR - (803)822-3381
    • Industrial Electricity/Electronics, Industrial Maintenance, Machine Tool Technology: All classes beginning with the prefixes EEM, IMT, MTT - (803)738-7676
    • Nursing: All classes beginning with the prefix NUR - (803)822-3334 or (803)822-3463

    The following courses may NOT be audited:

    • Any Foreign Language beginning with the prefix SPA, FRE or SWA
    • Any class beginning with the prefix ESL (English as a Second Language)
    • ART 111, 112, 211, 212
    • MUS 106
    • THE 105, 125

    Students who are auditing a course are NOT required to take tests or exams and will receive a grade of “AU” (Audit) for the course. Audit courses are NOT computed in grade point averages.

    Credit hours for audit courses are not included in a student's course load. This means that if a student is enrolled in 9 credit hours of regular course work and 3 audit hours for a course, the student is ONLY credited for 9 hours of course work or only ¾ time for financial aid purposes. Students are charged full tuition for auditing a course.

    A student who audits a course may later take the same course for credit. Students auditing a course MAY NOT change their course status after schedule change period of the term.