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In today’s competitive job market employers increasingly see the value of work and learning experiences outside the classroom that complements in-class instruction. These experiences can come through a number of different types of opportunities, including those listed below.

  • Experiential Learning
  • Career Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Apprenticeships
  • Community Opportunities
Experiential Learning is the process of putting into action the lessons/ideas that one is learning. In practical terms, it is learning that takes place by doing. For example, the student’s classroom learning is practiced outside of the classroom. At Midlands Technical College this type of learning is broken into two broad categories: service learning and workplace experience.
Workplace Learning

Workplace Experience may take place through cooperative education opportunities or field experiences with local businesses and industries. In addition, a number of academic programs provide valuable workplace skills through clinicals and externships. These hands on experiences put our students one step ahead of the competition. Check out the options.

  • Internships
  • Co-op Education
  • Co-op Work Experience
  • Field Placement - Human Services
  • Field Experience
  • Practicum
  • Ride Along - Criminal Justice
  • Externships - Dental Hygiene
  • Clinicals/Rotations - Healthcare / Nursing
  • Job Shadowing - CAREERS
  • Lab Experience - Earl Childhood Development
  • Live Work Program - Automotive Technology
Service Learning

Service Learning projects are available through MTC clubs and organizations and some academic programs. These are typically volunteer opportunities and yet they provide the student valuable transferable skills.

  • MTC Cares

MTC Clubs/Organizations:

The economy is volatile. The job market is unique. Competition is tough. Career experience makes a difference. Whether you are near graduation or just beginning your education, you want to take advantage of the valuable resources MTC has to offer. Selecting a career is one thing. Finding a job is another. Check out the variety of job opportunities available. Need a part-time job? Looking for a full-time career? Check out the resources below.

At Midlands Technical College opportunities abound for students to utilize and strengthen their talents and abilities. This puts them one step ahead of the competition when it comes to the job market. Volunteerism is alive and well at MTC. Whether working independently, with a class, or a fellow student, volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. Fund raisers, telethons, teaching literacy, and building ramps for the disabled are just a few. Want to contribute and “grow” your talents? Check out the options.

Apprenticeships are training opportunities sponsored by businesses and industries to develop a highly skilled workforce. The employee (apprentice) learns from the “master” craftsman through a specialized and very structured program. Apprenticeships are composed of classroom study and primarily field training. They may last up to several years, training highly qualified craftsmen in competitive, high demand fields. To learn more about apprenticeships, see below.

Partnerships are vital to the success of any organization. Midlands Technical College works collaboratively with numerous organizations. Many of these organizations provide numerous opportunities for students to learn valuable skills needed for the workplace. Through volunteer work or service learning projects, students gain the “hands on” experience so necessary in today’s workforce. These organizations add to the strength of MTC programs and services. The partnerships listed below are important to our continued success.


If you need direction with deciding on a career path, contact Counseling and Career Services.
For assistance with the job search process, contact Student Employment Services.