Benefits and Opportunites at MTC

At Midlands Technical College, we take the learning experience well beyond the classroom. MTC strives to create an environment that maximizes student opportunities and can help you reap all the rewards and benefits of being a college student. Here are some of the programs and services that may help you reach your goals.

Committed to developing leadership potential and promoting academic and personal success among African American males
MTC Bridge Program
Providing opportunities for students to successfully transfer to selected four year colleges and universities
Call Me Mister
Seeks to recruit, train and assist in the certification of Black males who are interested in becoming elementary school teachers
Sister Circle
Be Stronger Together!
Clubs and Organizations
Involvement can be the key to collegiate success!
Begin College while in High School
Begin College while in High School
Hear from actual MTC Students!
Student Advisory Board
Provides students a voice in College governance, campus concerns, and student affairs.
Participate in ROTC programs at USC while enrolled at Midlands Technical College
USC Band
Expand your college experience at MTC by joining the USC Band and enjoy all of the benefits and excitement
Real World Learning Opportunities
Get the value of work and learning experiences outside the classroom that complements in-class instruction
Student Online Advisory Panel
Be a part of S.O.A.P. and help 'clean up' online services at MTC.
Future Teachers
So, You Want to Be a Teacher? From MTC to . . . appropriate degree... to Teacher Certification
ASSIST to Work
ASSIST is a comprehensive and customizable education and support services program that will prepare participants for the competitive global workforce.
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