Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology
One Year Advanced Certificate Program


Nuclear Medicine is the medical specialty that utilizes the nuclear properties of radioactive and stable nuclides to make diagnostic evaluations of the anatomic and/or physiologic conditions of the body and to provide therapy with unsealed radioactive sources.

The Nuclear Medicine Technologist is an allied health professional who, under the direction of an authorized user, is committed to applying the art and skill of diagnostic evaluation and therapeutics through safe and effective use of radionuclides. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, patient interviews and instruction, preparation, quality control testing, and administration of radioactive compounds, execution of patient imaging procedures including computer processing and image enhancement, laboratory testing, patient preparation for radioactive compounds and preparation and administration of prescribed radioactive compounds for therapy, quality control, and radiation safety.

The Nuclear Medicine Certificate is an advanced certificate and requires entering students to have already completed prior college Health Sciences and/or science coursework.

Our program is an intense and comprehensive one year program of study. It is a combination of academic course work and clinical training. This is a full time program of study entailing 40 hours per week.


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