CPT-101,CPT-170,CPT-172 all use the MyITLab platform from Pearson Education. You will use MyITLab for the majority of your assignments. You can access MyITLab here.

Web Browser

Launch MyITLabIn order to use MyITLab it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11. Internet Explorer 6 is not supported. For Microsoft Windows users the preferred method of accessing MyITLab is by using the Launch MyITLab icon that is placed on your desktop during installation.

Getting Started with MyITLab

To get started with MyITLab you will need to accomplish several main tasks:

  1. Create/Enroll in Your MyITLab Account/Course

  2. Enroll in another MyITLab Course

  3. Windows Home Computer Setup OR Mac Home Computer Setup

Create/Enroll in Your MyITLab Account/Course

Image of Access Code Card Image of Access Code Card Inside

Included as part of your new textbook package from the college bookstore is an Access Code Card. Inside the front flap is a peel away tab under which you can find your Access Code for creating your account with MyITLab. You will need this card to create your account with MyITLab so do not discard it. Keep it in case you need the card for technical support throughout your MyITLab courses.

To create your account you will be using the MyITLab site registration. Go to and click the Register Student Link, see below.

MyITLab Account Registration Picture

When creating your account with MyITLab you will need the following:

  1. Course ID provided by your Instructor.
  2. Your textbook package contains an Access Code card, the access code does not include eText. So choose No to the eText question.
  3. If you purchased a new textbook package in the college bookstore select Yes I have an access code, otherwise select No to purchase an access code.
  4. Your MyMTC email address: You can look up your username through MyMTC.
  5. Your given first and last name that is on your school records, not a nickname you go by. The name you register with will be the name your instructor sees in the grade book and they need to be able to match the names to their student records.
  6. School Zip Code: 29170
  7. Once the Zip Code has been entered, select MIDLANDS TECH C-AIRPORT from the drop down list regardless of the campus where your class meets.

See the video below for assistance in creating/enrolling in your MyITLab account/course.

After you have completed setting up your account you are enrolled in your MyITLab course.

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Enroll in another MyITLab Course

To enroll in a new MyITLab course you will need a Course ID from your Instructor. The Course ID will look something like: CRSABZZZ-999999. The Course ID may be provided by email, Desire2Learn News Item, or by some other method determined by your Instructor.

Once you have received your Course ID you are ready to enroll:

1. Login to your MyITLab Account by clicking this link , or by using the Sign In link from the MyITLab homepage.

Sign In Image

2. In the middle of the screen you will see a blue button with the text "Enroll in a Course." Click this link.

Course Enrollment Step One

3. On the Enrollment page enter the Course ID provided by your Instructor and click the Submit link.

Course Enrollment Step Two

4. The Course Information will be displayed below the Confirm Course section of the page. Verify the Course and Instructor displayed is correct and then click the Confirm link.

Course Enrollment Step Three

5. You will be returned to the MyITLab Account page and your new course will be displayed. Click the course to enter.

After you have enrolled in your MyITLab course. You are ready to setup your home computer(s). Please note that you will need to run the setup on each computer (Desktop, Laptop, etc.) that you plan to use for working on your assignments in MyITLab.

The MTC computers (all Windows machines) in the Academic Success Centers, the Testing Center, and in the IST computer labs have all been set up for MyITLab, so no further action is required. Please note that the setup for Mac users is different than for Windows users. You should follow the instructions under "Home Setup" for only the type of system you have. The information below, including a video and PowerPoint presentation will guide you in this process as well as the " Home Setup" pages which are separated by "Mac Users" and "Windows Users."

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