CPT-101,CPT-170,and CPT-172 all use the MyITLab platform from Pearson Education. You will use MyITLab for the majority of your assignments. You can access MyITLab here. CPT-101 and CPT-170 students will be using the Office 2013 platform for MyITLab. CPT-172 students will be using the Office 2010 MyITLab platform. CPT-172 students should follow the instructions on the pages under the CPT-172 link above.

Web Browser

MyITLab Office 2013 is supported on the following platforms:

Operating SystemBrowsers
Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 Internet Explorer 10 or 11
Chrome 23+
FireFox 17+
For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome.
OS X 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 Safari 6+
Chrome 23+
Firefox 17+
You may not be able to complete all assignments on your Mac.

Create/Enroll in Your MyITLab Account/Course

Image of Access Code Card Image of Access Code Card Inside

Included as part of your new textbook package from the college bookstore is an Access Code Card. Inside the front flap is a peel away tab under which you can find your Access Code for creating your account with MyITLab. You will need this card to create your account with MyITLab so do not discard it. Keep it in case you need the card for technical support throughout your MyITLab courses.

To create your account you will be using the MyITLab site registration. Go to and click the Register Student Link, see below.

MyITLab Account Registration Picture

When creating your account with MyITLab you will need the following:

  1. Your MyMTC email address: You can look up your username through MyMTC.
  2. Course ID provided by your Instructor.
  3. If you purchased a new textbook package in the college bookstore you will have an access code included in your textbook package. If you have not purchased your textbooks you will have to purchase an access code when creating your MyITLab account, there is also an option to start a 14 day trial. If you start the trial you will be locked out of your account 14 days after the start of the course, not 14 days after creating your account.
  4. Your given first and last name that is on your school records, not a nickname you go by. The name you register with will be the name your instructor will see in the grade book must match your offical name with the college.

See the video below for assistance in creating/enrolling in your MyITLab account/course.

After you have completed setting up your account you are enrolled in your MyITLab course.

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