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 Recycling Links (Click on URL or logo)

100 Top Recycling Sites: This web site by World Environmental Organization is a list of links to the hundred top recycling sites. www.100toprecycling.com/

Environmental Defense - Recycling: Links to pages with recycling information such as: "Environmental Defense Recycling Reports", "Buy Smart, Waste Less, Save More", "Think Ahead Before You Buy", "Paper or Plastic?", "Buy Recycled and Save", and more


Fostering Sustainable Behavior through Social Behavior: "This website consists of five resources: an online guide which provides valuable information on designing and evaluating programs to foster sustainable behavior; searchable databases of graphics, case studies, and articles on fostering sustainable behavior, and a discussion forum for sharing information and asking questions of others." "The resources found at this site are provided by McKenzie-Mohr Associates."  You do need to sign in at this web site.  www.cbsm.com/

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The GrassRoots Recycling Network: "The GRASSROOTS RECYCLING NETWORK is a North American network of recycling and community-based activists who advocate policies and practices to achieve zero waste, to end corporate welfare for waste, and to create sustainable jobs from discards." www.grrn.org

The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide: "This recycling guide provides a starting point for consumers in the USA and Canada searching the net for recycling information. The information is for regular folks with regular household quantities of materials to recycle. The goal is to help make recycling so easy and automatic that it blends into the flow of everyday life." www.obviously.com/recycle

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Operation: Landfill Elimination: This is a personal web site that has many, many ideas about recycling, reusing, and other neat tips. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, Sell, Donate, Collect... Just don't throw it out! Saving our earth starts with YOU!!!"  www.geocities.com/RainForest/5002/

Planet Ark: "Who are Planet Ark? Planet Ark's aim is to show people and business the many ways that they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment."  www.planetark.com.au/planetark.cfm

Recycling and Pollution Prevention for the Environment – Recycle with Earth’s 911: "Making Every Day Earth Day.... Earth's 911 provides a public service for the nation, consolidating environmental resources such as local recycling sites and pollution prevention into one user-friendly network to helping the public to protect our environment.... For recycling, pollution prevention and environmental information in the United States or Canada" you enter your postal code and find out about your area." www.1800cleanup.org

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Gaiam, a lifestyle company (Catalog): You can buy products to use for conservation and sustainability. www.gaiam.com/

Waste Reduction: A web page with links to other pages discussing the reduction of waste through recycling, reusing, etc. Also this page links back to a page with links about Sustainable Living. www.condor.stcloudstate.edu/~dmichael/eco/waste/index.htm

recyclecity.gif (3569 bytes) Welcome to Recycle City: A fun and educational web site about recycling.  "See…how the people of Dumptown turned their backward town around!! Find…out how Recycle City reduces waste and saves money!! Learn…more about recycling than you ever dared!! Get a Clue…where all the garbage goes!!" www.epa.gove/recyclecity/

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