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 Composting Links
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About Us Biodegradable waste trash recycled trash bags… "We want our web site to be a resource for our industry and for people understanding the challenges of cleaning up our environment. Our intent is to stimulate your mind and make you think about the Earth and how could we repair the damages we made during the past 100 years." www.biocorpusa.com/html/about_us.html

The Beauty of Compost Heaps! A how-to-compost web page sponsored by Greenweb: "The web site for people who love plants, nature and the harmony they provide to each of our lives!" www.boldweb.com/greenweb/compost.htm

COMPOST: A Canadian web page, which explores composting both in private homes and businesses. www.buygreen.com/main/gipper/compost.htm

The Compost Resource Page: "This site is intended to serve as a hub of information for anyone interested in the various aspects of composting." www.oldgrowth.org/compost/

Composting Indoors: Journey to Forever Organic Garden: This web page is a very thorough explanation of composting and how and why to do it. It is a part of a larger website called The Journey to Forever begun by Keith Addison. A very compelling web site.  www.journeytoforever.org/compost_indoor.html

MIDWEST BIO-SYSTEMS: "AEROMASTER™ Composting Equipment From MIDWEST BIO-SYSTEMS." "If your goal is to make volumes of the highest quality compost, you've come to the right place." www.aeromasterequipment.com

Organic Gardening: "Compost Talk: Everything rots. That's all you need to know to make compost. But sometimes walking the walk isn't enough. Know these terms and you'll talk the talk, too." www.organicgardening.com/library/compost_lingo.html

Penn State Cooperative Extension – Agriculture: This web page deals with a specific program area of Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Specifically it is a web page about Agriculture and Our Food System through the Cooperative Extension and Outreach. "The mission of Penn State Cooperative Extension is to extend nonformal outreach educational opportunities to individuals, families, businesses, and communities throughout Pennsylvania. Cooperative Extension education programs enable the Commonwealth to maintain a competitive and environmentally sound food and fiber system and prepare Pennsylvania's youth, adults, and families to enhance the quality of their lives and participate more fully in community decisions."  www.extension.psu.edu/base_agriculture.htm

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