Foreign Language Placement Testing Information

Foreign Language Placement Testing Information

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2014 Midlands Technical College
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Students who fall into one of the three categories below MUST take the FLPT. All other students may be waived into SPA 101 or FRE 101 by an advisor.

  1. Non-Transfer Students

    • Students must take the FLPT if they have studied the language for two or more years in high school within the last five years.

  2. Transfer Students

    • Students who have transferred to Midlands Technical College with 3.0 credit hours in the language must take the FLPT.

    • See #1 if students plan to take a different foreign language course.

  3. Native Speakers

    • Students may not enroll in a language which is their native language. Only non-native speakers are eligible to enroll in foreign language courses at Midlands Technical College.


  • Students take the test before they enroll in the course.

  • The tests are given on demand. Students should go by or call the Assessment Centers to schedule the test.

  • The Assessment Center on Beltline is in WM 245 and on Airport is in ASC 262.



If the French Score Is

The Student Should Enroll in

0 - 20

FRE 101

21 - 29

FRE 102

30 - 44

FRE 122


Exempts all courses at MTC


If the Spanish Score Is

The Student Should Enroll In

0 - 24

SPA 101

25 - 39

SPA 102

40 - 52

SPA 122


Exempts all courses at MTC



If the German Score Is

The Student Should Enroll in

0 - 20

GER 101

21 - 32

GER 102

33 - 41

GER 122


Exempts all courses at MTC



  • A student who places into a course above 101 and makes a grade of C or better will receive exemption credit for the course(s) below the one for which the grade was given.

  • However, a student who exempts all courses cannot receive any credit, since we have no way of validating the student's knowledge. That student may take the CLEP for credit if desired.

    NOTE: Students who successfully complete a course above 101 with a grade of C or better must contact the Humanities Department in order to have this credit awarded. The exemption is NOT automatic, but can be done quickly once the department is notified.

  • If a student who exempts all the courses offered at MTC for the particular foreign language elects not to take the CLEP exam, then the student should contact the college to which he or she plans to transfer to determine which course to enroll in at that college.


  • Students must abide by the results of the test, and may not take a class either lower or higher than the one into which they place.

  • Instructor assessment of a student's work in the first week of class may be used for re-determining placement in another level.

  • Students must have the required prerequisite class or score to be permitted to enroll in a foreign language course at any level.


  • Exempted courses do not transfer.

  • Students should contact other colleges for their policies on foreign language exemptions, CLEP, etc.

  • USC is concerned with proficiency, not with course credits. Students who complete our courses will be able to enter USC at the next level.


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