Health Information Management (HIM) Programs Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Information Management Programs at Midlands Technical College is to prepare confident, innovative, and contributing professionals who can identify and use a variety of information resources and technologies to accomplish the objectives of diverse practice environments. Provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-directed learners who possess critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities as well as communication and interpersonal skills; instills a commitment to life-long learning and important ethical values; foster the acquisition of leadership abilities and systems thinking necessary for adapting careers within a changing healthcare environment; prepare graduates to serve society and the profession through collaborative practice, innovative teaching, and the generation and application of new knowledge about health information management.

In support of the Health Information Management Program's Mission, the following goals have been established.

  1. The Health Information Management Programs' curriculum will include, at a minimum, the required knowledge clusters, with content and experiences to enable students to meet current entry-level competencies of the American Health Information Management Association for the specific level of education (Health Information Management Technology Associate Degree or the Medical Record Coding Certificate Degree of which the student pursues.
  2. The HIM Programs will demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of the community (ies) of interest.
  3. Program graduates will demonstrate the entry level competencies of the American Health Information Management Association.
  4. Faculty will demonstrate current knowledge, skills, qualifications and professional development in the content areas they teach.