About the Career

If you are reading this, you are thinking about your future. Are you interested in health care but are not sure you want to work “hands on” with patients? Do you want to go high tech? Like computers? Information? Do you like lots of action? If so, the health information management profession may be for you! The health information management (HIM) profession, allows you to combine health care and technology - it places you right where healthcare meets the cutting edge of technology. As a professional health information manager, you play a huge role in making our health care system work. You perform the data collection and analysis that doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals need to do their jobs well. You are a key part of quality health care.

What is your job title? It depends on your education, experience, and your interest. You may be a health data analyst, insurance claims analyst, clinical coding specialist, physician practice manager, patient information coordinator, HIM department director, HIM systems manager, data quality manager...the list goes on! You have lots of choices - right from the very beginning. You are in the middle of the action - whether you work in a hospital, clinic, medical group practice, insurance company, nursing home, law firm or even at home! Your long-term prospects are great too. Health information technology is one of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the United States and it’s expected to keep up the pace through the year 2010. Everybody wants to know about money.. $25,000 to $50,000 a year - do the math - $14 - $24 per hour! This is upon graduation! All of our graduates have jobs upon graduation. We are a very close knit organization of professionals.

How do you shape your HIM career? It boils down to this: (1) You need formal training from an accredited HIM Program at the college level, culminating in an associate’s degree (MTC’s HIM program is accredited by the American Health Information Management Association - AHIMA. (2) You pass a special certification examination and earn a credential that tells the world you are a competent HIM professional. AHIMA also provides additional credentials in other areas that you may want to gain more expertise. When you complete your education and earn your certification, you have shown that you have what it takes to have a rewarding professional career.

GO FOR IT! Get started with this handy career-planning checklist.