AHS Course Syllabi (Updated August 21, 2014)


AHS 102 Medical Terminology

AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

AHS 113 Head and Neck Anatomy

AHS 119 Health Careers

AHS 127 Basic Patient Care

AHS 128 Health Science Introduction

 AHS 131 Computers in Healthcare

AHS 138 Medical Coding Basics

AHS 141Phlebotomy for the Health Care Provider

AHS 145 Electrocardiography

AHS 156 ECG  

AHS 153 Concepts of Geriatric Care

AHS 164 Medical Terminology Review 

AHS 170 Fundamentals of Disease

AHS 180 Health Careers Preparation

AHS 205 Ethics and Law for Allied Health Professions

AHS 208 Health Management