Choices, Choices, Choices! for Early Childhood (up through 2nd grade)

If you think you want to be an Early Childhood teacher, Midlands Technical College offers you several choices.

If you are sure that you want to seek a 4-year degree leading to teacher certification, perhaps the AA or AS Transfer Program at Midlands Technical College is right for you.  One of these two programs is usually the best fit for transferring to most 4-year colleges and universities.  If you are interested in USC for Early Childhood certification, please consider the MTC courses suggested in this link.

However, some colleges might fit better with our Early Care and Education program at MTC.  It is always important for a student to check with the institution that will be receiving the credits to be certain that the courses will transfer.  And if you just want to take some Early Childhood courses to see if you really like working with young children first, then perhaps your best fit is in Early Care and Education at MTC.   There is also an AA degree that transfers to USC through the Early Care and Education department at MTC. 


Contact Kari Beaty at either (803) 822-3445 or for advice about the AA or AS transfer programs for future teachers.  Contact Sandra Hackley at either (803) 822-3768 or for more information about Early Care and Education at Midlands Technical College.