Tuition & Fees

 Spring 2015 Registration for Continuing Students Begins 10/20/2014

Spring 2015 Registration for New Students Begins 10/22/2014

Fee Payment Begins 10/20/2014

Tuition is based on the student's legal domicile. Residents of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties pay the lowest fees at the college.

Authorization to Release Student's Financial Information

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Fall 2014 Term Tuition Fees, Due Dates & other Important Information

Spring 2015 Term Tuition Fees, Due Dates & other Important Information

Current Semester Refund Schedule

Tuition and Fees are subject to change.

There are a wide variety of tuition assistance programs available at the college.  For more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students are expected to meet all financial obligations when due. Collection costs and charges, along with all attorney's fees necessary for the collection of any debt to the college, will be charged to and paid by the debtor.

Easy Payment of Tuition/Fees

  • In person - Airport Campus - Reed Hall Room 114; Beltline Campus - Student Center Room 126; Harbison Campus - Harbison Hall Room 105; Batesburg-Leesville Campus - Room 105 (limited hours); Fairfield - Room 103 (limited hours)
    Current Office Hours

  • Payment via the web is now available:

    • By Credit Card - We accept: VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express

    • By Electronic Check

  • By Phone - 803-732-5200 Option 1

  •  NOTE:  Parents and Students:  A student ID and password are required for making online payments

  • Beginning October 11, 2013 a 2.5 percent service fee will be applied to all card transactions used to pay tuition and fees. The 2.5 percent fee is being charged by Midlands Technical College's third party credit/debit card processor, for processing all student credit and debit card transactions. All transactions are processed as credit card transactions. Please visit for more information about the service fee for card transactions.

Payment without student's identification number will not be processed. We do not accept starter checks or post dated checks.


Is someone else paying for a portion or all of your tuition, fees and/or books?

A sponsorship is when your job or other organization has a program to pay directly to Midlands Technical College for a portion or all of your tuition, fees and/or books.

To ensure that your classes are not deleted, please submit the proper documentation to the Accounts Receivable Department, Reed Hall Airport Campus, or the nearest cashier’s office at least five (5) business days before the end of fee payment deadline for each semester/term.

Please allow three (3) business days from receipt of documentation to process bookstore charge allowances.


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