Accounts Receivable

Services student accounts through the processes of invoicing and collection, system maintenance and other related services. 


We would like to take this opportunity to explain our billing and collection process.  Three invoices will be mailed to the billing address currently on file with the college. It is your responsibility to ensure this address is correct. When the account is 90 days without payment and the third invoice is mailed, the account will be moved to collections status. Once in collections, the current balance may not be seen online and you will need to contact the cashier’s office to make full payment. The college may add any and all collection cost to your account balance. Account balances that remain in collection status will be submitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue. South Carolina Department of Revenue will withhold the amount due to Midlands Technical College, plus a $25.00 administrative fee from your tax refund. If your refundable amount is not sufficient to cover the entire balance owed to the college, South Carolina Department of Revenue may also garnish wages. We will resubmit the account balance each year thereafter until the full balance is satisfied.

Who to Contact:   

Accounts Receivable Manager
Bernice Tyler
Academic Accounts Receivable and Return Checks
Susan Scoff
Continuing Education Students  
S C Dept of Revenue
Appeal Process
Carie Newell, Debt Coordinator
Suzette Senn, Director of Cash Management/Systems 822-3267
AR Fax Airport Campus 822-3359
Collection Agencies:  
SC Department of Revenue (803) 898-5403
US Department of Education (800) 621-3115
For technical questions about this site, please contact:
Tami Smith