Tuition Due Dates

Important information:

  • Any change in your enrollment status may result in an adjustment to your financial aid award and may affect your account balance.
  • After end of fee payment, if classes are added creating a balance, payment is due immediately at the time of registration. Any tuition and fees not paid at the time of registration will result in your entire schedule being deleted. The college closes at 1:30 p.m. on Friday.
  • Payment will be required if a student does not attend class(es) (no show) and does not officially withdraw.  If your classes were held by Financial Aid and you do not attend (no show), Financial Aid will be removed and you will be held responsible for tuition and fees. Students will be billed for classes and the debt will be processed through the College's collection procedures, if payment is not received.
  • If the college is closed on a late registration day, registration and fee payment are online only for web enabled students.

Tuition Due Date Calendars

Fall Terms 2014
Aug 15 Fall Full, Session I, Fort Jackson 1, Weekend & Fast Track Tuition Due
Aug 16 - 24 Fall Full, Session I, Fort Jackson 1, Weekend & Fast Track Late Registration
Sept 18 10 Week Tuition Due Date
Sept 19 - 22 10 Week Late Registration
Oct 15 Fall Session II and Fort Jackson 2 Tuition Due Date
Oct 16 - 19 Fall Session II and Fort Jackson 2 Late Registration

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