Finance Staff

Debbie Walker, Associate Vice President of Business Affairs
Sallie Thomas, Associate Vice President of Business Affairs Administrative Assistant

Betty A. Bryant, Payroll Manager
Paulette Zeigler, Payroll Fiscal Tech II
Halsey Hinson, Payroll Fiscal Tech

Ian MacLean, Director of Finance & Accounting
Rachel Murrah, Administrative Specialist

Jessica Booth, Chief Accountant
Deborah Taylor, Associate Chief Accountant
Carol McMahon, Bank Reconciliation

Suzette Senn, Director of Cash Management/Systems
O'Neil Sloan, IDT Department Supervisor
Angela Graham, IDT Department Consultant
Tami Smith, IDT Department Coordinator

Jerutha Benjamin, Student Account Manager
Amy Balestrero, Head Cashier Airport Campus
Laronda Kelly, Student Account Analyst
Emily Brown, Student Account Analyst
Kathy Barrett, Head Cashier Beltline Campus
Demetria Chestnut, Student Account Analyst
Lauren Landis, Student Account Analyst
Erica Samuels, Student Account Analyst
Naomi Padgett, Student Account Analyst
Larry Velasquez, Student Account Analyst
MaRonda Hudson, Head Cashier Harbison Campus - Call Center Manager
Cynthia Jones, Student Account Analyst

Sheila Smith, Budgets Director
Alisha Morgan, Student Aid Specialist/Budget Assistant
Beth Warren, Grants Accountant

Bernice Tyler, Accounts Receivable Manager
Susan Scoff, Academic Accounts Receivable
Carie Newell, Debt Coordinator

Melanie Cunningham, Accounts Payable Manager
Marsha Simon, AP Fiscal Technician
Anita Landy, AP Fiscal Technician

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