Summer 2014 Registration for Continuing Students Begins 03/17/2014

Summer 2014 Registration for New Students Begins 03/19/2014

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Senior Citizen Waiver Form

Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Form


Cashier - Finance and Accounting - Midlands Technical College

Jerutha Benjamin, Student Account Manager 822-3742
Suzette Senn, Director of Cash Management/Systems 822-3267

Airport Campus:
Amy Balestrero, Head Cashier  822-3262
Laronda Kelly, Student Account Analyst 822-3260
Emily Brown, Student Account Analyst

Beltline Campus:
Kathy Barrett, Beltline Head Cashier  738-7161
Demetria Chestnut, Student Account Analyst  738-7649
Lauren Landis, Student Account Analyst  738-7646

Northeast Campus:
Erica Samuels, Student Account Analyst 691-3934
Naomi Padgett, Student Account Analyst 691-3936

Harbison Campus:
MaRonda Hudson, Harbison Head Cashier  732-5334
Cynthia Jones, Student Account Analyst  732-5010

Batesburg-Leesville Campus:
Larry Velasquez, Student Account Analyst 604-1616

Fairfield Campus:
Cynthia Jones, Student Account Analyst 815-6651

Tuition is based on the student's legal domicile. Residents of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties pay the lowest fees at the college.

Students applying to Midlands Technical College will be assessed an application fee at the time of application. Students enrolling at Midlands Technical College for the first time must pay a one-time enrollment fee with their tuition.

All students are assessed a nonrefundable student fee each term to cover non instructional support services.

Current Tuition Rates

There are a wide variety of tuition assistance programs available at the college. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.
Students are expected to meet all financial obligations when due. Collection costs and charges, along with all attorney's fees necessary for the collection of any debt to the college, will be charged to and paid by the debtor.

Current Semester Refund Schedule

Refunds for terms that vary in length from the semester term will be in proportion to the semester-term refund schedule.

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