Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

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About the career

Civil engineering is the study of the design and construction of buildings, bridges, dams and highways. Civil engineering technicians play an important role in today’s workplace: preparing drawings and plans; estimating costs and producing specifications and materials lists; and working with civil engineers planning, designing and supervising construction and maintenance on a wide variety of projects including bridges, manufacturing plants, roads, water systems and airports.

Civil engineering technicians work as steel detailers, inspectors, civil engineering aides, contractors’ aides, and as junior surveyors or drafters for construction companies, utility companies, highway departments, and municipal and county public works agencies. Other opportunities include working with a contracting firm in quality control, surveying, project inspection or project management, or with consulting engineering firms testing soils, materials and foundations. With the right skills and knowledge, advancement potential and increased compensation are excellent.

About the program

The Civil Engineering Technology program at Midlands Technical College prepares students for a rewarding career in civil engineering technology. As in all engineering technologies, students master specific technology through practical experiences, including computer-aided drafting and design (CAD) software and electronic surveying and global positioning equipment. Technical courses include classroom lectures, hands-on opportunities and individual design projects to provide students with the technical skills needed on the job as civil engineering technicians. Courses in math, technical composition, physics and chemistry contribute to a well-rounded educational program.

Articulation opportunities exist that may provide qualified high school graduates with advanced placement in the Civil Engineering Technology program.

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