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Faculty/Staff Search Result:

Name Phone Ext E-mail
Mabelitini, Jack822-3635MABELITINIJ@midlandstech.edu
Maintenance, Operations
Campus: ARoom: MA-110

Mace, Phil822-3310MACEP@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: CO-132

Maclean, Ian822-3245MACLEANI@midlandstech.edu
Director of Finance & Accounting, Finance and Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-106

MacNamara, Christina691-3873MACNAMARAC@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room: CT304

Mancini, Gregory738-7660MANCINIG@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Science
Campus: BRoom: LET 421J

Marchi, Elizabeth822-3455MARCHIB@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Allied Dental Education Prog., Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: AC-340

Marcum, Rande822-3229MARCUMR@midlandstech.edu
Inventory/Move Specialist, Materials/Inventory/Logistics
Campus: ARoom: MS-106

Mariani, Vanessa790-7587MARIANIV@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Student Information Services
Campus: ARoom: AC-110

Mark, Jarrett822-3660JARRETM@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: ARoom: ASC-262

Marley, Yolonda691-3955MARLEYY@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Computer Training
Campus: NERoom: CETT-304

Marrero-Alfonso, Eyma Y.738-7747MARREROE@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Chemical Technology, Engineering Tech. & Eng. Transfer
Campus: BRoom: LET-321I

Martin, Bruce790-7505MARTINB@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: WM-211

Martinez-Vidal, Elena738-7707VIDALE@midlandstech.edu
Chair, Humanities
Campus: BRoom: WM-317A

Massey, Mildred822-3651MASSEYM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Radiologic Technology, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-222

Mattingly, Laura J.738-7817MATTINGLYL@midlandstech.edu
Technology & Learning Assist. Coord., Academic Success Center
Campus: BRoom: WM-319

May, Sharon738-7793MAYS@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Developmental Studies
Campus: BRoom: WM-427

Maye, Sherina738-7561MAYES@midlandstech.edu
Counselor, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-130

Mays, Florence790-7512MAYSF@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: BRoom: LB-211

Mays, Trilla822-3463MAYST@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: LX-124

McClellan, Margaret822-3674mcclellanm@midlandstech.edu
Librarian, Library
Campus: ARoom: AC232

McClendon, Mary Jane732-5335MCCLENDONM@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Special Programs & Community Education
Campus: HRoom: CC-101

McCoy, Patrice822-3610MCCOYP@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Student Financial Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-254

McCoy, Tracy822-3299MCCOYT@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Math
Campus: ARoom: R0-210

McCraw, Jho822-3360MCCRAWJ@midlandstech.edu
Lab Manager, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: HS-152

McDaniel, Tamara822-6714MCDANIELT@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Admissions
Campus: ARoom: ASC-228

McDaniels, Lorraine822-3252MCDANIELSL@midlandstech.edu
Classification & Compensation Specialist, Human Resource Management
Campus: ARoom: RE-134

McLellan, Timothy822-3626MCLELLANT@midlandstech.edu
Assoc. Dir. of Oper., AC & HC Campuses, Operations
Campus: ARoom: OP-105

McLeod, Elaine J.822-3423MCLEODEJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: SA-127

McMahon, Carol822-3315MCMAHONC@midlandstech.edu
Bank Reconciliation, Finance & Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

McMillion, Stephen738-7628MCMILLIONS@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: BRoom: RH-132A

McNamara, Christia691-3873MCNAMARAC@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Specialist, Construction and Industrial Trades
Campus: NERoom: CETT-304

McPherson, Pam732-5237MCPHERSONP@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Health and Medical Programs
Campus: HRoom: AD-604

McRant, Wayne822-3202MCRANTW@midlandstech.edu
Procurement Assistant, Procurement
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

McSorley, Bill822-3620MCSORLEYB@midlandstech.edu
Program Director/Paralega, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: CO-133

McWhorter, Whitnew822-6703MCWHORTERW@midlandstech.edu
Site Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Center
Campus: ARoom: LX-159

Media Support Help Line, (All Campuses)822-3550mediahelpdesk@midlandstech.edu
, Media Services
Campus: Room:

Medway, Marcia822-3204MEDWAYM@midlandstech.edu
Director of Supp. Srvs. & Aud., Support Services
Campus: ARoom: SA-164

Meir, John738-7640MEIRJ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Information Systems Tech.
Campus: BRoom: RH 139D

Milejczak, Catherine822-3451MILEJCZAKC@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Allied Dental Education Prog, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: AC-338

Mille, Katherine738-7844MILLEK@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, English
Campus: BRoom: WM-303

Mills, Sylvia790-7818MILLSS@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-135

Mims, Linda822-3287MIMSL@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Campus: ARoom: AC-103

Mincy, Alfie738-7662MINCYA@midlandstech.edu
Transfer Coordinator, Student Support Services
Campus: BRoom: WM-235E

Mitchell, Jeanne738-7811MITCHELLJ@midlandstech.edu
Student Services Program Coordinator, Admissions
Campus: Room: BSC-235

Mobley, Christopher738-7561MOBLEYC@midlandstech.edu
Student Services Program Coordinator, Student Financial Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-130

Mohammed, Quasem738-7804MOHAMMEDQ@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Math
Campus: BRoom: LET-421A

Mooney, Donna822-3231MOONEYD@midlandstech.edu
Property Inventory Coordinator, Materials/Inventory/Logistics
Campus: ARoom: MS-104

Mooneyhan, Barbara822-3487MOONEYHANB@midlandstech.edu
Director, Media Services
Campus: ARoom: MH-116

Morant, Jr., Charles822-3230MORANTC@midlandstech.edu
Postal Specialist, Materials/Inventory/Logistics
Campus: ARoom: MS-111

Morgan, Alisha822-7076MORGANA@midlandstech.edu
Student Aid Specialist, Finance and Accounting
Campus: ARoom: RE-104

Morgan, Gloria822-3659MORGANG@midlandstech.edu
Test Administrator, Student Assessment
Campus: ARoom: ASC-262

Morris, Don822-3028MORRISD@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room: OP-102

Morris, John P III822-3210@midlandstech.edu
Campus: Room:

Morris, Phil822-3559MORRISP@midlandstech.edu
Director, Counseling Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-242

Morrison, Lisa822-3037MORRISONL@midlandstech.edu
Program Coordinator, Admissions
Campus: ARoom: ASC-209

Morrison, Mike822-3655MORRISONM@midlandstech.edu
Counselor, Counseling Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-244

Morton, Chelsea822-3508MORTONC@midlandstech.edu
Disability Services Coordinator, Counseling & Career Services
Campus: ARoom: ASC-239

Moser, Steven732-5226MOSERS@midlandstech.edu
Maintenance Supervisor, Operations
Campus: HRoom: CE-107

Moultrie, Gwen822-3345MOULTRIEG@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Business & Public Service
Campus: ARoom: RE-134

Moye, Tammy822-3253MOYEF@midlandstech.edu
Assistant Director, Human Resource Management
Campus: ARoom: RE-136

MTC, Financial Services738-7792@midlandstech.edu
Automated Attendant, Student Financial Services
Campus: Room:

MTC, Information Center738-8324@midlandstech.edu
Information Center, Student Information Center
Campus: BRoom: WM-150

MTC, Switchboard738-1400@midlandstech.edu
Automated Attendant, Switchboard
Campus: BRoom: WM-250

Muldrow, Cindy738-7671MULDROWC@midlandstech.edu
Program Specialist, CAREERS
Campus: BRoom: WM-235A

Mulkey, Bill822-3482MULKEYB@midlandstech.edu
Program Director, Radiologic Technology, Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: HS-204

Munn, Leanne738-7845MUNNL@midlandstech.edu
Program Assistant, Office of Student Assessment
Campus: BRoom: WM 249

Munroe, Courtney738-7145MUNROEC@midlandstech.edu
Admissions Specialist, Admissions
Campus: BRoom: WM-251

Munroe, Sandra790-7579MUNROES@midlandstech.edu
Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Services
Campus: BRoom: BSC-102

Murray, Mary-Rose822-6709MURRAYM@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Nursing
Campus: ARoom: LX-103

Muthig, Lee822-3456MUTHIGL@midlandstech.edu
Faculty, Allied Dental Education Prog., Health Sciences
Campus: ARoom: AC-343

MTC provides directory information of college employees to students and members of the community who need to contact an employee regarding college business. Any other use of this information, including solicitation, is prohibited.