Student Resource Guide


Scheduling and Registration

Scheduling Classes

The scheduling process gives each student an opportunity to select or schedule the best days and times to meet classes. For the best options make your selections early.

During the registration process, you may select classes online if you are "web enabled" or through the use of one of the Online Service Centers . Continuing or readmitting students may self-advise and self-schedule, if "web-enabled".

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Online Classes

  • Successful online students are self starters, disciplined enough to set aside dedicated class time each day. Good reading and typing skills are critical since much of the class time has moved from listening and talking to reading and typing.
  • Computer use Successful students have daily access to a computer, are skillful at downloading and saving files, and know how to use a spreadsheet and a word processor program.
  • Is Online Right for me? Take an online evaluation Opens new window to determine if you would be a good candidate for online learning.

Scheduling Tools and Aids

There are several essential tools to aid in scheduling and advisement. The first of these is the Program Evaluation option on My MTC. Program Evaluation, commonly called "Program Eval", is designed help students monitor program completion. Be sure to check your enrollment status each term before scheduling classes and monitor your requirements for graduation.

The second tool is the Class Schedule which is available online with the most up-to-date information on course offerings. You have easy access to this information from home or from the Online Service Centers or the Academic Success Centers on campus.


This portion of the online resource covers the topic of registration and fee payment. For the best selection of courses complete this process early.

Once you have selected courses, you must complete the registration process by

  • Reserving a seat in the courses selected and
  • Paying all tuition and fees by the posted deadline.

For the latest and most update information on registration, visit the MTC Student Records Office website. Opens new window

Change in Enrollment

Adjusting Class Schedules

  • Classes may be adjusted during Schedule Change. Schedule Change is a period during the first days of the term.

Dropping a class.

  • Attending class is important. If you register for a class and decide not to attend, a drop form must be completed even if you do not attend the class.
  • Dropping a class after the scheduled drop period is a withdrawal and will show on your transcript.

Adding a class

  • To add a class, you must complete a Add form or add the class on line. Additional tuition may be required.

Withdrawing from College or a class

  • If students find it necessary to withdraw from college, a Drop/Add form must be completed and submitted to the Record's Office. This form is available online.
  • Before withdrawing, it is important that students investigate the effect withdrawing will have on academic progress with the appropriate college office such as Student Financial Services, WIA , VA, etc. Withdrawals may also result in repayment of funds in some cases.