Student Resource Guide



College Expectations

Students in ClassroomNow let's begin the topic of expectations. This module is designed to make the transition to college easier by exploring what the college expects of it's students as well as what students should expect from the college.

All students are expected to contribute to a positive college environment by:

  • Being tolerant of others and showing respect for classmates, faculty and staff.
  • Turning cell phones off while in classes and college offices.
  • Maintaining appropriate language and clothing. Where applicable, uniforms appropriate to the classroom/program must be worn.
  • Becoming familiar with and adhering to the Student Code of Conduct.

As you begin each class, it is your responsibility to review each course syllabus and all assignments and to learn the expectations of the faculty.

Class Attendance

Class attendance is critical to a students academic success. Students are expected to attend all scheduled class activities. The attendance policy will be

  • outlined in the course syllabus
  • reviewed by your faculty at the beginning of each term.

Tardiness may also count as class absence.

Students are expected to know and follow the attendance requirements and communication guidelines for each course.

Class attendance is critical to academic success in an online class.

  • Online courses are similar to on-campus courses as most require students to attend regularly, interact with other students, and complete assignments and exams according to the class schedule. Most online classes are not self paced.
  • Online courses differ from on-campus courses in the level of self direction needed from the student. Students must plan time for both class work (3 hours per week per class), and homework (additional 3-4 hours per week per class).

Classroom Etiquette

Basic classroom etiquette includes:

  • turning off all cell phones and other electronic devices so they do not ring or buzz disturbing the class,
  • arriving on-time and not leaving early,
  • avoiding 'noisy' activities, and any other behavior that interferes with the concentration and learning of other students.

When using a laptop in class,

  • always be sure to give instructors your full attention.
  • be sure to check with each instructor to determine the instructor's preferences and guidelines for the use of the laptop.

Etiquette for Online Classes

Online courses are based on the premise that students learn best in a community. The practices of courtesy and respect that apply in the ordinary classroom also apply online, and require even more attention. Click on the items below for more information on online class behavior.