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Enrollment Guidance

Classroom photo Becoming an Enrolled Student

Becoming a student at MTC includes advisement , scheduling classes, registration and fee payment. You will explore these areas in this portion of orientation as well as explore college expectations of you as a student. Knowing college expectations is key to becoming a successful student. Let's get started.


MTC requires that you meet with your academic advisor to discuss course options, identify supportive services and select classes. This process is known as advisement.

College Catalog - The MTC College catalog is full of important information for students, especially new students. Explore the catalog for history about the college, information about college policies and procedures that effect students, helpful resources and support services and information on college programs of study, also known as college majors.

Catalog Rights - Catalog Rights are requirements for graduation according to the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment at MTC. These requirements are in effect as long as students are continuously enrolled. If a student exits the college and later re-applies for admission, the student will enter under the catalog in effect at the time of re-admission.

Placement Tests - New students are required to participate in placement testing prior to being accepted, unless exempted. Placement Test results determine placement in courses and are used to meet course pre-requisites. Most courses at MTC have course prerequisites. Advisors assist students with initial course placement and program planning at MTC.

Advanced Placement - Students with CLEP, DANTES or AP scores at the required level, transfer credit from another college or significant experience in a specific field related to the student's academic program of study should provide official documentation to the Admissions Office and discuss these credits with an advisor.

Meeting with an Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is your most important educational partner. The advisement process gives you an opportunity to meet and discuss all aspects of your educational plans and goals. Make sure you are prepared for this meeting and be on time. Click on the link below to review tips to help build a good relationship.

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