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Certificate in Pre-Health Care (HLC6)

This certificate program is designed for students seeking admission to Health Sciences programs but not meeting program admissions criteria. Students work closely with advisors to select courses that will help confirm their career choices and strengthen their academic skills.

Students who complete this certificate should be well prepared for acceptance into the desired program, but the certificate does not guarantee admission into that program.


CAMPUS: Airport, Beltline

RDG 30
Reading Skills: RS 36



In order to use the completed Pre-Health Care certificate to meet interview eligibility criteria, the student must meet the specified academic performance standards set forth below:

  • Must obtain the grade point average (GPA) required by the designated program (See individual program section).
  • Must obtain a grade of C or better in each course.
  • No course in the curriculum can be repeated more than once.
  • No more than 2 courses within the certificate program may be repeated.
  • Ws awarded since Fall 2008 count as an attempt or a repeat.
  • Science and math courses must be taken within 3-5 years or program entry. (See Courses Acceptance Timeframes below) Other general education courses, completed with at least a C may be applied indefinitely for course credit within Health Science Programs.

Students who complete this certificate, meeting the established criteria for academic success must make application for graduation from the Pre-Health Care program and submit a Pre-Health Completion Form, to become interview eligible for the designated program. Completion of the certificate does not guarantee admission into the program.

Those Pre-Health Care Certificate students who want to apply to and who have completed the process of declaring a minor in the Pharmacy Technician, Health Information Management , Medical Records Coder , Expanded Duty Dental Assisting or Dental Hygiene can, with advisor approval, substitute another AHS course for AHS 127. If a substitute course is used, the Pre-Health Care Certificate can be used for establishing eligibility only for the program that authorized the substitution.

With advisor approval, BIO 210 may be substituted for BIO 112 if required by the designated program.  

Course Acceptance Timeframes

All mathematics and science courses must be taken according to the following criteria:
  • Grade of "C" completed within 3 years of program entry
  • Grade of "B" completed within 4 years of program entry
  • Grade of "A" completed within 5 years of program entry
  • or must be validated in accordance with program standards
  • Other general education courses, completed with at least a "C" may be applied indefinitely for course credit within Health Science programs.
  • All major course work must be completed within the fours years preceding graduation.
  • In addition, students graduating from Health Sciences may not repeat curriculum courses more than once.
  • The number of technology courses that may be repeated is determined by the program director and published in the program section of the catalog.

    ENG 101 English Composition I RDG 100, ENG 100
    AHS 119 Health Careers RDG 100
    AHS 102 Medical Terminology RDG 100, ENG 100 with a minimum grade of "C"
    MAT 101 Beginning Algebra MAT 100, RDG 032
    AHS 127 Basic Patient Care AHS 102, AHS 119
    AHS 128 Health Science Introduction AHS 102, AHS 119
    AHS 131 Computers in Healthcare AHS 102, AHS 119 & CPT 101 or CPT 170
    BIO 112 Basic Anatomy and Physiology RDG 100 (BIO 100 & ENG 101 recommended)
    Guided Elective See List
    Program Elective See List


    ENG 101 AHS 119
    AHS 102 MATH


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