Mission Statement

It is the mission of Midlands Technical College to enable students to achieve their potential. For this reason, student assessment is part of the college's educational program.

From the time you apply to the college until the time you leave, you will participate in a series of tests and surveys designed to:

  1. assess your background and academic skills for accurate advisement and course placement at entry;
  2. obtain information on your satisfaction with college programs and services; and
  3. measure competencies you have acquired academically and personally while a student at the college.

These tests and surveys will be used to help you achieve your individual goals and to improve college programs and services for all students.

We encourage you to become a partner in the assessment and learning process. Your earnest and sincere participation on tests, learning tasks, exit exams and surveys will give the college accurate information that will be used in planning effective programs and services. It will also help us help you reach your goals.

The first type of assessment you will encounter at the college will be either COMPASS, the college's primary placement test, or the ASSET placement test. Most students will take an academic skills assessment unless receiving a waiver from the Admissions Office based on previous successful college work or advanced placement test (CLEP or AP) scores as specified in college admission requirements.

Depending on your intended program of study, you may encounter other types of assessment at Midlands Technical College. These could include:

  1. A pre-admissions examination to determine interview eligibility into a health science or nursing program,
  2. Foreign language proficiency examinations for course placement into the appropriate level foreign language course, and
  3. An assessment of knowledge of a subject you may have gained outside of a traditional classroom to determine if college credits can be awarded (CLEP).

For more information on available services, you may contact us by telephone by calling Beltline Campus Student Assessment at 803-790-7522 or by calling the Airport Campus Student Assessment office at 803-822-3659, or, by sending us an email.