Foreign Language Placement (FLPT)

Students who fall into one of the three categories below MUST take the FLPT.  All other students may be waived into SPA 101 or FRE 101 by an advisor.

  1. Non-Transfer Students
    • Students must take the FLPT if they have studied the language for two or more years in high school within the last five years.
  2. Transfer Students
    • Students who have transferred to Midlands Technical College with 3.0 credit hours in the language must take the FLPT.
    • See #1 if students plan to take a different foreign language course.
  3. Native Speakers
    • Students may not enroll in a language which is their native language.   Only non-native speakers are eligible to enroll in foreign language courses at Midlands Technical College.

The level indicated by the test result is mandatory. The test may not be retaken within three years.